Fu BandWhether you are a Model, Actor, Band, Solo Artist or Musical Group… U need photos!!! To the industry & public, your photo image is most likely to be the very first representation they'll see before diving deeper into you & your craft. Your visual first impression must excite & entice the observer to want to know more about the person or group behind the photo… If not, what you have to offer as an artist may never be brought to the surface. Photos are used to advertise our image on the internet, print ads, zed cards, billboards, leaflets, business cards, when signing autographs, etc & most importantly when sending pro packages to the industry in which we are involved. Make sure the images that you’re using to push your career really represent what you want to betray as an artist. As you’ve heard many times & there’s a whole lot of truth to it… you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

If you just moved to Los Angeles and are an aspiring Model, Actor or Solo Artist... TK Productions is the first place you should call for your photography needs. As a band, dance or musical group we suggest you wait until you are a tight unit within before spending your $ to take professional photos. Print images taken with X-members will become useless & a waste of money in the long run. As with our “TK Girls”, we sometimes can offer other connections to our photo clients for work & other forms of exposure.

TempleOur photography studio is located in the heart of the Melrose Fashion District right on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, CA. The facility is situated on the 2nd floor of a 2 story building just above many interesting shops & clothing boutiques. The energy on the streets below alone creates a great motivating atmosphere to capture great studio images. When shooting just outside our studio, this location gives us plenty of different & unique urban backgrounds to choose from when trying to capture a certain look for any given client. Our staff is an experienced group of photographers that will work with you on a 1 on 1 basis to get u the pics you need to meet your goals. From the cameras to the lenses to the lighting to the backgrounds, our equipment is all top of the line modern professional gear. We’ve shot everything from celebrities to fashion to live shows to head shots, etc… whatever u need done, we are more than prepared to handle it.


Taiko swordWe charge $400 for a 3 hour shoot, this includes an experienced photographer, pro equipment & our photography studio if needed. We shoot everything in digital format, this allows us to take hundreds of pictures during any given photo shoot. Unlike most photo studios & photographers who want to charge you again by the picture, when the session is finished we will transfer all the photo images to a CDR disc & hand it to you on the spot. The pictures become your property immediately.

TK Productions does not do finishing or print work, we only involve ourselves in the actual photo shoot itself. For over 20 years we have gone to Image Experts located on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA for these services. They do excellent lab work at a good price but of course once you have your images the choice is yours.

When the photo session takes place at our photography studio, we try to do a mixture of studio & outdoor shots depending on what look the client is going for. When the photo session takes place on location or away from our studio like a runway shoot, red carpet event or live show we will spend the 3 hours shooting the function according to the client's instructions.


Don’t waste your time or your money!
Follow the basic directions below to help ensure a successful photo session:

#1. Practice your poses & facial expressions in the mirror before the shoot... figure out what looks you like about yourself & what you want to portray to the public.
#2. Pick & choose the clothing & fashion items you want to wear… again check yourself out in the mirror to get the different looks you are trying to capture.
#3. Bring any props you want to use to the shoot… nothing is over the top. Usually the more the envelope is pushed, the better the images turn out.
#4. Express to your photographer what your photo shoot goals are… what different ideas u have, what these images are going to be used for, etc.
#5. Listen to your experienced photographer: Much like a recording artist & producer in the studio, an open minded relationship between photographer & subject are the key to producing an awesome finished product.
#6. Don’t be shy or embarrassed in any way, this will only result in bad images. Put it all out there, don’t be afraid, give it all u got, etc... GO FOR IT!!!

Great group or band photos get a little more difficult to capture. If just one person in the group has the wrong look or facial expression, the photo is worthless. Get together using the guidelines above & work it to reach your photography goals.

To book a photo shoot with TK Productions, please call: 310-445-1151 or via E-mail at:


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