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Are You Ready to Make $ome Money working right from your home?

$100 bill

OK then... Here's how it works:

What's the deal?

We need your help to rent out our 24 Hour Lockout Rehearsal Studios. We at TK Productions have locations throughout the Los Angeles & Las Vegas areas. Multiple buildings with hundreds of individual studios, all rented on a monthly basis.

Every time you refer someone to us who rents out a monthly studio, we give you a $100 referral fee. The more referrals you make, the more $$$ you make.

I'm interested... What do I need?

You need 3 things to get going:

*Computer *Internet Access *Working Phone #

OK, got that... Now what?

*Post "Monthly Lockout Rehearsal Studios Available"
ads on musician based internet sites.
(read more on this below)

*Use your phone number as the contact number.

*When people call, get their phone number & give
it to the appropriate location manager:
(West LA, NoHo or Vegas)

*For every room that is actually rented, you get $100.

*For every 5 rooms rented within the same month,
we will give you a bonus of another $100.

How do I know I'll get paid?

*When posting ads, Always use your Name & Phone #.
Never use TK Productions' contact information:
The potential renter will go right over your head & straight to us.
Thus, we would never know it was your work that got the new client to us.

*Since you speak with the client first,
you always have the ability to follow up on the rental results.

*We will ALWAY$ pay you after the end of each month. If you are continuing to rent studios for us; WE WILL WANT TO KEEP YOU PAID & HAPPY!!!

What internet sites should I post the ads on?

*There are many:
Craigs List / Facebook / Recycler / Music Connection / Twitter / etc.

*In addition to posting on the more popular sites, it's best to find underground sites to post on. This way it's not saturated by others trying to do the same thing.
Just get creative & look around.

*If you are focusing in on one particular location, you'll want to find a music site that caters to that area. (It obviously does no good to advertise to a band in NYC)

*Sometimes you'll run into a site that lists many groups in a certain area, including E-mail addresses. In this case, send out a mass E-mail ad to get your phone ringing.

How should the internet ads read?

*Always bring out the positives to draw attention to your ad. For Example:

Lockout Rehearsal Studios Available in
West LA ~ N Hollywood ~ Vegas
*Move-N Specials *Air Conditioned
*Pro & Clean *24 Hour Access *Month to Month leases

*Some sites will limit the amount of words to be placed in a free ad Or only let you a list a single location. In this case you have pick & chose what to highlight. Over time you will come up with your own style to bring in the calls... & the $$$.

Who are the Location Managers I'll be working with?

West LA:
George Nakhla / 310-876-9666

North Hollywood:
Charles Rodriguez / 818-856-5301

Las Vegas:
Jimi Russell / 702-303-4094

Feel free to call these guys to find out about pricing & what size rooms are available at any given time. This way you know which areas to focus on. They can also keep you informed on any specials we may be running from time to time.

Keep in Mind: Our managers are eager to hear from you!
Like you, they only get paid when rooms are rented.

Anything else I need to know?

*Do a little homework: Check out the "Rehearsal Studios" section of our web site. This way you can answer questions you may be asked by your potential clientele.

*Again, speak with our location managers: They know their locations & this business inside & out. Call them with any questions you may have to make your job easier & more effective.

*It's a good idea to mention something regarding "Studios for Rent" on your phone greeting. This way when people call they don't think they reached a wrong #.

*You might want to create a new E-mail address: Something that has the word "Rehearsal" in it, so it looks pro. You can post this with your phone # if you wish.

*If you show us you can excel at this sales position, we might have more lucrative employment opportunities for you in the future. Show us what you've got!

A spread of $100 bills

Now $tart Posting & $tart Making MONEY!!!